Important Information regarding Navigators Licence

Reminder Re: National A Navigator Licences

As per Supplementary Regulations article 6:

IMPORTANT – all co-drivers in Stage Rallies MUST hold a minimum of National A Navigator licence.

MI Stage International, Stage National A and Stage National B Rally Drivers’ licences ARE VALID for co-drivers.

Because the MSA’s grading system is different to MI’s, MSA Stage International, Stage National A, Stage National B and Stage & Road Navigator ARE ALL VALID for co-drivers.

However, MI Road National B Driver licences, or National B Navigator licences are NOT VALID for Stage Rallies.

As there appears to be some confusion among competitors, to simplify, all competitors who hold a MI Stage Rally Driver’s Licence are covered to navigate. Navigators who do not have a MI Stage Rally Driver’s Licence must have a MI National A Navigators Licence as a minimum to navigate on a Stages Rally. MI National B Navigators Licence is not valid for Stages Rallying.

Please ensure you have applied for the correct licence if you only hold a Navigator Licence and if you do not hold a Stages Rally Driver Licence.